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Welcome! This is a forum about articles on Crolarper.com, larps and larping in general.

If you want to discuss larp, this is a place for you. The board is bilingual, English and Croatian, and the use of any language is fine. Most info will be posted in English due to our international readership and common courtesy.

When posting, respect your fellow players and their views. A lot of people are looking for different things in larp, and if you disagree that doesn't mean either of you is wrong. Behave nicely and post in a constructive manner. If you're being rude, threatening, trolling, taking liberties at the expense of others, disrespectful, drama queen, unreasonable, derogatory or I simply don't like your tone for whatever reason - you will get banned, even if "it's only a heated argument" or "I was being provoked" or "I did not read the rules". Do not try to use "I thought we were friends" card - it's nothing personal, it's to keep the atmosphere of this forum cordial, warm and welcoming to everyone. This will be enforced strictly. And don't even try posting anything that's illegal. This forum is not a public service to which you're entitled to - it's a privately-owned forum and these are it's rules.

All larpers and people interested in larp from everywhere in the world are welcome on this forum as long as you agree to above rules. I do not disregard any particular type or style of larp, and on this forum all are endorsed and welcome. Everyone is free to advertise their own larps (we'd like to keep the primary focus on Croatia and nearby countries, but if you believe that the larp or something about it will be of interest to the readership go ahead and post it!), and to use the boards for the purpose of networking, discussions, learning cool new stuff and much more.

If you sign up and use this forum, it means you agree to the rules above. If that sounds good to you, that's awesome - and you're welcome to use the forum!
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